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Here is the best - value for money - MIDI software we've seen!

We use the sweet midi player all day every day in our office for playing and re-mixing and editing midi files. Nothing could be easier than moving the sliders and knobs to adjust volume, pan left to right, or adjust reverb and chorus effect.  Even selecting a different instrument for a track is as simple as choosing from a drop down list.


The Sweet MIDI Player / Editor

  • Change the key?   or  Change the tempo?   It's right there on the screen, and is a simple mouse click.

  • And when you get the changes done - just SAVE the midi file - either replacing the original or as a different version.

  • MIDI file editing doesn't have to be brain surgery, and it doesn't have to cost a bundle either.

  • The Sweet Midi Player does it all and only costs:

  •  $44  AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (inc gst)

  • approx 17.60 GBP pounds

  • approx $ 36 USD US Dollars

  • appox 26 EURO

Download Now  See below.




2 Easy steps to get Sweet MIDI Player into your Windows XP or vista computer .



STEP 1. Click on the link below to download the software  (for Windows VISTA, XP or 2000)


Download Sweet MIDI Player for Windows



STEP 2. Once installed your software will be in demo mode.  At any time after that you can Order the Sweet MIDI Player password for your computer - by giving us your User ID (from within the software) and a credit card payment of $44!   It's really quite simple.


To Order your Sweet Midi Player Password or if you have Questions?  Call us during office hrs on 02 9575 4812.




You can also Email the following information using the link below to order your password:


Send us your USER ID:   (found from within the software once installed - See Step 2 above)

Send us your name and contact phone number and location

Send or fax your Credit Card information for the $44 AUD charge.



























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Your USER ID You get this from the Program when you run it!!!!
Your Name:
Your Postal address:
Your Contact Number:
  How would you like to receive your Password?
Please e-mail to:
Please Phone me on: (business hours)
Card Number
Expiry Month/Year